Pari (2018) Full Movie Watch Online Full HD

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Movie: Pari (2018) Full Movie Watch Online Full HD

Story: Pari (2018) Full Movie is an extraordinary blood and guts movie in which a man endeavors to help a lady named Ruksana, a mishandle casualty, who he discovered tied up in a cottage. On a blustery day, Pari and his folks are going in an auto in the wake of meeting Piyali with respect to his marriage. Pari auto hits an abnormal looking old lady who passes on the spot. Cops locate her home where her daughter Ruksahana is attached who doesn’t give off an impression of being conventional and is separated from outside world. In the wake of performing last rituals of her mom Arnab goes out. Be that as it may, Professor Qasim Ali comes to catch her with his men who think about her personality. Be that as it may, she figures out how to escape and achieve  place who shields her not knowing her actual character.

Pari (2018) Full Movie Watch Online Full HD

Arnab has no option but to keep her. Slowly, he starts enjoying her company. She is strange and mysterious. She doesn’t have any idea about modern day living. She has never used a TV, a phone or a refrigerator ever. She is very careful about her nails and cuts her nails daily and when she can’t find the nail cutter, she gets paranoid and tries to cut them with the kitchen knife. Fear permeates her very being. A scary face haunts her dreams. A face that whispers her name…

Slowly, the friendship turns into love. Though tries to resist himself, he feels an unflinching attraction towards Ruksana’s beauty and innocence. One night all barriers break apart: they make love so passionately that world seems to come to a halt.

Pari (2018) Full Movie Watch Online Full HD

Then, Pari the events take a twist when the Professor, who was meanwhile incessantly searching for Rukhsana, finds at  place. He meets Arnab  and tells him that Rukhsana is the daughter of the devil himself. She has venom inside Her. Venom that needs to be taken out every three weeks. Venom that consumes animals, birds and sometimes people. The love story then moves towards a horrifying end… Movie Released.

Director: Prosit Roy (Pari Full Movie)
Writers: Abhishek Banerjee (Pari)
Stars: Anushka Sharma Kohli , Parambrata Chatterjee, Rajat Kapoor
Country: India
Language: Hindi

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