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Movie: Mersal

Story: A magician comes to India and finds his long lost brother who is a doctor in USA. He learns about his identity and decides to take revenge for those who killed his parents.
Mersal is a revenge drama that is also quite evident in the teaser. The promo video begins with one of Vijay’s character citing a haiku of sorts about one’s past sins coming back for retribution. We can assume that the sons seek to complete their father’s unfinished job and avenge his death.
One of the Vijay’s characters is set in a rural backdrop of Madurai, whose life and efforts seem to form the crux of the story. He is assumed to play a big fan of MG  as we can see in the teaser, he is engaged in a fight outside a theater playing an MGR film. And it seems to be the introduction scene of Vijay hailing from a rural background. One of his sons is also an MGR fan as the poster of the matinee icon can be seen stuck on a furniture in his home in Chennai.

Director: Atlee Kumar
Writers: Atlee Kumar, Vijayendra Prasad
Stars: Joseph Vijay, Surya S.J., Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Country: India
Language: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu.

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