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Movie: Chef

Story: Chef Roshan Kalra sets out to find the true source of happiness and reignite his passion for food while being more present in his son’s life. Chef is an 2017 Hindi drama film directed by Raja Krishna Menon. It features Saif Ali Khan and Padmapriya in the lead roles. Its is an official remake of American film Chef (2014).
Roshan Kalra is a chef who is shown unraveling when we first meet him: frothing at the mouth, and out of a job. Right from then on, ‘Chef’ takes pains to tell us that despite himself, and the roadblocks he runs into, Kalra will get to where he needs to, not wants to.
This is a grown-up premise, and the film is fashioned as a solid rom com cum a late coming of age tale of Peter-Pan-like adults. It is no surprise that this desi ‘Chef’ is a near-faithful adaptation of the Hollywood hit of the same name, directed by Jon Favreau. And it is perfectly apt that Roshan Kalra is played by Saif Ali Khan, a star desperately in need of grown-up re-invention.
‘Chef’ is a good-looking film, with good-looking people. The ingredients have been carefully assembled. Khan is ripe for real difference, playing a divorced, middle-aged man and a father to a young boy, who is a natural. The leading lady has a smile that reaches her eyes: she feels organic in a way no one else does. And there’s a solid supporting cast: we see Chandan Roy Sanyal having fun, and an all-too brief turn by the deliciously salt-and-pepper.

Director: Raja Menon
Writers: Jon Favreau (original story), Ritesh Shah (adapted by)
Stars: Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya, Dhanish Karthik
Country: India
Language: Hindi

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