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Movie: Chaamp

Story: Chaamp is the story of the trials and tribulations that a young Indian Boxer, Shibaji had to face to become the World Boxing Champion. Growing up in a humble family, Shibaji, through sheer determination and passion, overcame all odds to become the World Champion only to have his moment of glory snatched away due to a career-ending injury. Will he be able to regain his lost glory and provide for his family in the face of the impossible revival? Chaamp is the story of every common man trying hard to make ends meet, even if all odds are against them.

It is the story of a boxer names shibaji. Who was a hero and inspiration for every Indian but suddenly he falls down and everyone forgets him. The film is about how he rises up again.

Director: Raj Chakraborty
Writer: Dev
Stars: Chiranjit, Dev, Rukmini Maitra
Country: India
Language: Bangla

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